Thorn Noble is a playable character in Final Fantasy XVI. A strong man with an even stronger heart, he uses jokes to keep the party in high spirits. Thorn wields words just as well as he does his scythe, and while he can come across as careless or irresponsible at times, his energetic and enthusiastic personality masks an unwavering sense of honor and pride.

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"My blade'll cleave out hell!"
—Thorn, when he inherits Zalera's power

Thorn's Aureon is Zalera, whose initial power boost increases his chances of instantly killing an opponent from the initial 0.5% to 10%. It also makes Thorn immune to Gravity and Darkness-based attacks while increasing his resistance to status ailments. When Zalera gains physical form, she takes on the appearance of a beautiful fallen angel wielding twin scythes that is surrounded by rose petals and a black aura. She will then remain by Thorn's side, slashing at enemies with her scythes to deal Darkness damage and dishing out status ailments. Her ultimate attack, Condemnation, is done in combination with Thorn. When executed, it has a 50% chance of instantly killing any foe it hits.


Thorn wields special scythes in battle that can extend their range very slightly or increase durability and power through an enhanced retractable energy blade. While the weapons lack physical power initially, their power increases with every hit in a combo. Each of Thorn's scythes have special properties that increase or hinder the effectiveness of status ailments.

  • Flora Crucifix
  • Reaper of Hades
  • Lucifer's Crown
  • Cleaving Corpse
  • Demonic Denouement
  • Skeletal Slice-n-Dice
  • Crescent Moon
  • Sickle of Sin


A "thorn" can be defined as a "sharp, woody spine on a plant or shrub", which ultimately references Thorn's affiliatioin with roses. A "thorn" also can be defined as "one that causes sharp pain, irritation, or discomfort". This references Thorn and Mirage's initially rocky relationship. The term "noble" can be defined as "having or showing qualities of high moral character such as courage, generosity, or honor", all of which are references to Thorn's personality in the game.

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